The new mobile operator which launched operations Friday, August 25 wants to position itself in a highly competitive sector.

Cut prices. It is somehow the strategy used by Yoomee to penetrate the mobile market in Cameroon. The new operator promises unbeatable price and offers for the benefit of users and adapted to the individual budget. The tariff grid displays several packages which are distinguished based on their frequency. The customer benefits from unlimited calls and SMS  to the YooMee network by paying 250 FCFA for the package of 1 day, 1 000 F for a week and 3 500 F for 30 days validity. Calls and SMS to other national and international networks range from 150F per day to 600F per week and 2,100F per month.


YooMee 10 000 F package, valid for 30 days, allows for the customer to benefit from 300 minutes of calls to all networks,unlimited SMS to YooMee network, 50 SMS to other networks, and 50 MB of internet data. Apart from these packages, the Subscriber must pay 70 FCFA for one minute of call to YooMee network during the off-peak hours and 35 FCFA during peak times. The call to other networks will cost 85 F.


Internet Service provider on the Cameroonian market since 2011, YooMee decided to take the plunge and offer telephone services and solutions with added value. The operator will rely on infrastructure and electronic communication network of Camtel, to offer the same types of services like the incumbent, including calls and text messages. According to the general manager of Camtel, YooMee Cameroon wanted to interconnect with the network of Camtel to resell to its customers of telephone communications and internet access following the model of a full Mvno. “Thanks to the access radio network Camtel has and through a dedicated platform, our partner will leverage the capabilities acquired from the Camtel wholesaler with the general public as privileged target”, says David Nkotto Emane, DG of Camtel.

The interconnection of the two networks has operated in the form of a roaming national data and radio. YooMee Cameroon will benefit from a comprehensive a global coverage of the CDMA network but also the 4G LTE  of Camtel. The incumbent will operate the mobile license gained since September 2014 by procuration. Indeed, Camtel got approval from the Government for the establishment and operation of networks of electronic communications throughout the national territory, open to the public. The company’s capital held by the State, intends to engage in mobile telephony through its mobile branch called Cameroon mobile telecommunications (CMT) S.A created in 2006.

The Minister of posts and telecommunications welcome the advent of this new operator who has decided to invest in accordance with the regulatory framework in force. “The Government can only congratulate YooMee Cameroon leaders for their contribution to the improvement of mobile and internet penetration in Cameroon”, said Minette Libom Li Likeng, at the launching ceremony of YooMee Mobile last Friday.

One of the areas of work identified as priority for YooMee will be the strong proximity with customers. According to Emmanuel Forson, CEO of YooMee Mobile, the operator has deployed a dense mesh of the territory with showrooms in Garoua, Yaoundé, Douala and Bafoussam, and intends to expand its own network in the main towns of the country. It announces massive investment, job creation and the development of local skills. YooMee will count more than 200 direct jobs and 700 indirect by the end of 2017.

Ruben Tchounyabe

Le quotidien Mutation