Specialized initially in the provision of internet access, the company founded in 2011 passes to become a mobile operator

February 22, 2017, by signing a partnership as an MVNO (Mobile Virtual Network Operator) with CAMTEL, YooMee Cameroon became the first full MVNO in Cameroon. YooMee Mobile was born.

1 / A conquering network

The alliance of experience and innovation gives birth to YooMee Mobile. A revolutionary phone operator who succeeds the unexpected bet to combine the experience and strength of the incumbent CAMTEL technology, with the creativity of YooMee.

What makes YooMee Mobile strong, is the pride to be Cameroonian. Yes, the proud and voluntary, Cameroonian who puts the head up and assumes his ambitions. YooMee Mobile is owned completely by Cameroonian investors, so by the Cameroonians: it’s Cameroon for Cameroon, to the conquest of Africa and the world.

YooMee Mobile is an example of fighting spirit, resilience, creativity and success all the Cameroonian people can be proud of.

YooMee Mobile comes with a vision of partnership with the other players in the ecosystem to contribute significantly to the revitalization of the private sector in general and of the Telecommunications sector, in particular.



The advent of YooMee Mobile is the proof that this dream is possible: to offer a mobile phone network to the Cameroonians to definitely meet the communication needs of population,in her role as an instrument for breaking down the technological barriers, as an effective tool for social and economic development.

2 / a strong presence and a large proximity

One of the areas of work identified as a priority is the strong proximity with customers. YooMee Mobile has deployed a dense mesh in the territory with showrooms in Yaoundé, Douala and in the main towns.

Versatile telecommunications operator, YooMee Mobile is effective in its entire value chain. This allows us to take advantage of the synergies of our businesses to best satisfy our customers and adapt to their ever fluctuating needs, to maintain contact with their loved ones wherever they are and at whatever time.

Attention is paid to the rural world and the landlocked areas to enable them to be finally able to enjoy a quality network that combines technological innovation and ease of listening at a lower cost.

From the launching YooMee Mobile sells  mobile smartphones premium packs, as well as economic mobile packs:

– The NJOKA pack

– The NJOKA DUO pack

These packs come with very generous benefits and bonus packages including, mobile voice, mixed mobile plans and mobile Internet packages.

Creativity, anticipation, results, permanent effectiveness, fun at work culture, collective benevolence and team spirit are the drivers of our business on a daily basis, YooMee mobile, the impossible does not exist.

3 / the prospects

The recipe for success is simple and YooMee Mobile will maintain its investments in this sense:

– Personalization of the offer of services and the experience

– The development of a network cost-efficient broadband

YooMee Mobile has spread its wings even further, and launches, by 2017, a new building program capacity and access to entrepreneurship and employment for several hundred Cameroonian students, in partnership with our National universities.

YooMee Cameroon and Ivory Coast today, YooMee francophone Africa tomorrow. YooMee aims within 3 years to launch 2 other operations in francophone Africa through her telecommunications currently in the course of obtention, first to connect the rural populations of its host countries then provide offers and sell equiptments at affordable prices.

Eventually, YooMee wishes to contribute to a significant increase in the rate of penetration of technologies in telecommunications, and in turn increase the rate of computer literacy in francophone Africa.

YooMee intends to contribute to the progress of Cameroon with its other countries current and future through significant investments, job creation and the development of local skills.