YooMee Mobile, the new operator MVNO that adapts to the expectations of Cameroonians!

Anxious to answer definitively to the communication needs of all Cameroonians, YooMee, in addition to the Internet service, has also launched into mobile telephony, with a range of varied offers, tailored to the needs of users with a priority: reasonable rates, transparent and flexible offers.


YooMee Mobile, which had previously operated as an internet service provider in Cameroon since 2011, has just entered with a host of significant innovations and achievements, including:

– Investments of several billion FCFA in its launch year

– More than 200 direct jobs and 700 jobs created indirectly at the end of 2017

– National coverage at launch

– Unprecedented and accessible commercial offers

– A versatile technology (CDMA and GSM)

YooMee Mobile also offers dedicated  to the profiles of users and adapted to the budgets of individuals, TPE-TPI / SME-SMI, major accounts and administrations.

Why choose YooMee Mobile?

Because it is time to have the mobile service that fits with your specific expectations. At YooMee Mobile, we think you deserve more, and that's exactly what we offer you. Enjoy a quality certified customer service, a point-to-point loyalty program, an online customer space not leaving out a sponsorship offer that rewards the sponsor and godchild.
Essentially at the best market price, our customers do not pay for services they do not use
Our offers are simple, transparent and without hidden costs to better control your telecommunication expenses.
Our offers can easily adapt to your needs with convenient options.